Strengthening Your Case: 3 Ways To Prove The Severity Of A Motorcycle Accident Claim

Posted on: 20 April 2016

Motorcycle accidents tend to be especially severe since motorcyclists have less protection than vehicle drivers. With that said, proving the severity of the accident can be difficult. If you are seeking compensation with a motorcycle accident claim, it is important that you do all that you can to strengthen your case. While a motorcycle accident attorney will recommend many different methods to prove the severity of the accident, here are 3 ways that you can get started.

Don't Repair Your Motorcycle

While you might be tempted to repair your motorcycle after the accident, it's best to wait until the case is settled. The condition of your motorcycle after the accident can be very telling of how serious the accident was and how severe your injuries are. A motorcycle accident attorney may recommend bringing in the motorcycle to court or taking additional photographs or videos for court in order to strengthen your case. You might have missed some important details of the damage when taking photographs.

In addition, by not repairing your motorcycle after the accident, your attorney can get an accident reconstruction expert to inspect the bike in order to testify about the severity and the nature of the accident. With the damaged property untouched, an expert witness can provide more in-depth testimony from their inspection in order to provide the court with more details pertaining to the accident.

Take Video Evidence

Photographs can conceal important evidence or downplay the severity of the accident because they don't give the viewer a 3 dimensional view of the accident. Instead of taking a photograph, you'll be able to provide your motorcycle accident attorney with a better idea of how the accident took place and what the scene of the accident looked like by taking a video.

Make sure that the video clearly shows distinct landmarks, the location of each vehicle involved in the accident and the weather. A video will not only show how the accident happened, but also the conditions in which the accident happened. These details can help your attorney defend your case against any allegations that the other parties may make. For example, other parties involved in the accident may try to shift the blame on poor weather conditions, and claim that all parties are at fault for the accident. Video evidence can prove otherwise. You want to clearly show whether there was any rain or snow and the intensity of the sun's glare.

Receive Continued Medical Treatment

To prove how severe the accident truly was, it's important to receive continued medical treatment until your conditions are deemed to have reached maximum medical improvement. This is basically when your physician has deemed that your injuries are not going to recover anymore. You need to take clear notes of the treatments you received, how you felt and how your injuries affected your quality of living.

By receiving continued medical treatment, you are proving to the court that you have taken all of the steps necessary to recover to the best of your ability. Your physician will also be able to testify on how severe your injuries are and how the injuries have compromised your performance and quality of living. These details are especially important when calculating compensation for non-economic losses.


Provide as much evidence as you can to a motorcycle accident attorney from a firm like Scherline And Associates in order to strengthen your case. Injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident tend to be rather severe. It's important that you get a fair amount of compensation in order to make sure that you can get the type of medical treatment that you need for your injuries.