Are You Prepared For A Independent Medical Examination?

Posted on: 9 October 2017

Even if you have provided an insurance company your medical records, you might still have to undergo an independent medical examination, or IME. A doctor selected by the insurance company will examine you and review your medical records to assess your injuries from an accident. The results of the exam could impact whether your claim is paid. If you have an IME scheduled, here are a few ways to prepare for it.

Meet with Your Personal Injury Attorney

Talking to your personal injury attorney before the examination can help you determine just how much information you should share with the doctor. It will also give you an idea of what you are facing with the doctor.

There is a possibility that your attorney is familiar with the doctor that is performing the examination. If the doctor has a history that favors insurance company, your attorney can give you advice on how to ensure the doctor accurately notes your condition.

Your attorney might also place restrictions on whether you can complete some or all the forms while you are at the examination. The doctor should have been provided your medical records and any other documentation that is relevant to your injuries. If you write down something different than what was submitted, you could jeopardize your case.

Ask a Friend or Relative to Accompany You

Some people take along a friend or relative to the examination for moral support. However, he or she can play a bigger role in your personal injury case. You can take your friend or relative with the job of documenting everything that happens from the time you arrive for the examination until you leave.

Your friend or relative's notes could become a part of your case if a claim is made by the doctor that is not true. For instance, if the doctor claims to have examined you for an hour, but it was less than half an hour, your friend or relative's notes showing the time could be used by your attorney.

Even if you believe you are up to the task of tracking what happens, you should still take someone. The examination can be an anxiety inducing experience. You could miss out on something important due to the pressure of the examination.

The IME is just one of the hurdles that you can face in your attempt to receive compensation for an injury. Continue to work with your personal injury attorney to keep your claim on track.