Was Your Child Harmed By Unsafe Gym Class Activities? What To Do Now

Posted on: 6 February 2018

Physical education class is supposed to be an activity for your child to get exercise while at school, while learning to participate in games, work as a team and more. If your child was forced to participate in an activity that they said they were afraid of, and that is a dangerous activity the parents should have received notification about in advance, and now they are hurt with a severe injury, you want to call a lawyer. Your child shouldn't have been hurt because they were participating in a glass that they are graded on, and you want to discuss the following with an injury attorney.

Was the Activity Appropriate?

There are activities that are appropriate for school physical education class, and others that should require a permission slip. If your child was involved in any of the following activities, it could prove the school to be negligent:

  • Extreme contact sport without proper equipment like football with no helmet or pads
  • High heights and risks were involved
  • Intense weight training without proper safety instruction

These are just some of the activities that could cause a bad injury. There are reasons why sports have safety regulations and equipment, and if your child's PE class didn't take these necessary precautions, you shouldn't have to pay the monetary price while your child suffers in pain.

How Bad is the Injury?

The type of injury your child suffered from will reflect the chances of proving neglect. If your child has any of these injuries, you should have a case:

  • Head, neck or spine injury
  • Oral injury requiring emergency dental treatment
  • Broken bones or other orthopedic injuries
  • A need for staples or stitches
  • Injury requiring surgery or extreme physical therapy

A trip to the emergency room shouldn't be a result of your child's academic day, and neither should months of rehab and recovering. If your child had any of these issues you want legal help.

Not only is the injury going to cost you money, but your child may have had to miss school while you were also missing work. Talk with a personal injury lawyer to see what type of settlement you should pursue if the child's injury is severe enough, and if the school was obviously negligent with your child during gym class. Once you start the case you can see if the school wants to settle out of court to make things easier. Contact a law firm, like Snyder & Wenner, P.C. , for more help.