Dispelling Common Motor Vehicle Violation Myths

Posted on: 20 March 2018

Driving a car may be a task that you do so frequently that you give little thought. However, it can be surprisingly easy to violate any of the numerous regulations and laws that govern vehicles on public roads. Violations of these laws are serious matters that many drivers may not fully appreciate due to the prevalence of some common notions and myths.

Myth: There Are No Long-Term Consequences Of Being Convicted Of A Traffic Violation

Many states have instituted tracking systems that will monitor the number of motor vehicle violations that a particular person receives. If an excessive number of violations are recorded for a driver, they may have their license revoked or suspended. In addition to these systems, commercial drivers may find that they can be liable to lose their job or miss out on opportunities as a result of being convicted of motor vehicle violations. These serious and costly repercussions make it necessary to aggressively defend yourself against these charges.

Myth: Attending A Defensive Driving Course Is Always A Viable Option

When a person is facing a motor vehicle violation, they may assume that they will be able to avoid the consequences of this violation by attending defensive driving school. While this is an option that many judges will give to individuals that are facing these charges, it may not always be a possible option. For example, there are many areas that will only allow a person to attend one of these courses once every few years. Additionally, individuals that are charged with particularly serious violations may find that this is not permissible.

Myth: There Are No Viable Strategies For Contesting Traffic Violation Tickets

It is common for individuals to assume that they will simply have to admit to their traffic violation and pay the fine or other penalty involved with it. Very frequently, this is due to an assumption that there are no ways of contesting these charges. Yet, an experienced traffic violation attorney will be able to help you with crafting an argument for your situation.

For example, it may be possible that the police violated due process while issuing the citation or arresting the driver. In addition to being able to formally challenge the violation, your attorney may also be able to successfully negotiate with the prosecutor or the judge in your case. The exact range of options that are available will vary greatly, and you should always consult with an attorney before you decide to simply accept the guilty verdict in your traffic violation case.