Hiring a Lawyer after a Truck Accident

Posted on: 15 June 2020

Truck drivers that have been involved in an accident face different penalties and fines because they are driving commercial vehicles. After an accident that is deemed your fault, hiring a truck accident attorney can make a difference in the outcome of the cases for most accidents.

1. When You Need a Lawyer

You may not need to hire a lawyer for every accident with a truck, but if the officer investigating the accident feels that you are at fault for the accident, hiring a truck accident attorney to defend you is a good idea. The police report will play a significant role in the outcome of fines propensities that you will be facing as a result of the accidents, so you need to have a lawyer that understands the trucking laws and turn the case around in your favor.

2. Accident Reconstruction

Often is there is a question about the accident that needs to be investigated, your truck accident attorney may want to bring in an investigator or reconstruction tech to look at the accident and see if they come to a different conclusion than that police offer did. If you have to go to court in the case, having an accident reconstruction expert in your corner can completely change the outcome of the case. 

As an expert witness in the case, the reconstruction expert can show how the accident happened and pinpoint the cause for the judge and the jury. It is common for the police officers investigation to be based on witness statements and observations, but the reconstruction expert will use scientific techniques to show exactly how the accident occurred and who was at fault for the collision.

3. Investigators and information

Another tool that the truck accident attorney will have in their toolbox is an investigation team that can take time to look a the people involved in the accident, the witnesses that are part of the officer's report and determination, and any other circumstances that seem out of place or wrong.

The investigation team will make sure nothing was missed during the police investigation of the accident that might be relevant to your case. During the investigation and reconstruction, your attorney will be looking for things that point the blame away from you, but sometimes other evidence is uncovered that makes it hard to do that. 

If their investigation shows that you are at fault, your truck accident attorney will try and get your fines as low as possible and defend you in court to try and soften the blow that could come as a result of the evidence.