Have You Suffered Injury When Working Under The Hot Sun? See How You Can Seek Compensation

Posted on: 6 September 2022

Warm weather provides favorable conditions for workers. However, overly high temperatures and exposure to the sun for many hours are detrimental. That's because it can cause health complications among workers. Unfortunately, linking your illnesses to hot outdoor temperatures can be challenging. In this case, hiring a personal injury law attorney is necessary. They will guide you through the legal process of seeking compensation from your employer. This guide shares the types of injuries associated with sun exposure and the input of a lawyer in the claim application process. 

Injuries Associated With Sunlight Exposure

You should take a lot of water when working outside during the hot season. Similarly, employees operating warehouses and manufacturing plants with inadequate air conditioning must be well hydrated. And if you work in the sun for many hours, taking breaks under the shade is necessary. 

But it's not uncommon to find no fresh water outlets in such workplaces. In such situations, workers are at risk of dehydration. If ignored, dehydration can result in heat stroke. Typically, you should visit the hospital when you notice a rapid heart rate, inability to sweat, headaches, confusion, chills, and a fever.

In addition to minor complications, long-term exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. To avert such situations, employers should provide their workers with protective gear. Sunscreens also prevent the effects of the sun on the skin. Failure to do this makes an employer liable for sun-related injuries sustained by their employees. 

The Input of an Attorney

A workers' compensation attorney is helpful when pursuing compensation for injuries sustained at work. They will help you complete the paperwork and gather the necessary information to prove that your injury is work-related. In addition, they may engage other experts to substantiate your claim further. For instance, a medical specialist might be necessary to prove that the condition is unrelated to a preexisting condition. Through their report, you can also demonstrate that your employer failed to offer you a safe workplace. 

Remember that solid evidence is essential in ensuring you get all the payments you deserve. It will support your claim and boost your chances of getting a favorable settlement. Since a lawyer is well-versed in such cases, they'll help you gather crucial pieces of evidence. 

Some injuries caused by the sun might require extensive and costly treatment. Besides, you might need to stop working due to hospitalization and ongoing check-ups. For these reasons, seeking compensation is vital. A personal injury lawyer will help you navigate this legal process and ensure success.