Activities That Can Take Away A Trucker's Attention When Driving And How To Take Legal Action If They Lead To A Collision

Posted on: 20 December 2022

If a commercial truck hits your vehicle, you can hold various parties liable for your injuries. For instance, you can sue the driver if their negligence led to the collision. However, you must have compelling evidence linking them to the crash for your case to succeed. This is why you need to consider hiring an auto accident lawyer for your lawsuit. They will gather and preserve evidence to prove that the trucker engaged in the following negligent activities.

Driving While Fatigued

Fatigue is a problem that affects many motorists, but it is more common among truck drivers. This is because they usually drive for long hours, transporting goods to different areas. As a result, truckers might overwork, particularly if their employers pressure them to get goods to their destinations within a certain time. In such cases, truck drivers may continue driving even when they are exhausted.

Some trucking companies also pay their drivers higher wages when they cover more miles. It leads to truckers working longer to make more money. As a result, they don't get enough rest, which causes them to suffer fatigue. Unfortunately, this affects the driver's attention on the road and can lead to their hitting other road users. If this happens, contact a truck accident lawyer to get evidence and take legal action against the trucker or their employer.

Driving Above the Recommended Speed Limit

Some truckers may drive above the recommended speed limit in order to complete their shifts early and attend to other matters. Some might also speed because their employers obligate them to deliver goods within the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, driving too fast makes it challenging for truckers to stop their vehicles in time in case of an emergency. Consequently, they hit and injure other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. If a speeding driver hits you, an attorney can help you to get justice. To this end, they will use the truck's data recorder and other evidence to hold the wrongdoers accountable for your losses.

Being Distracted by Navigational Devices

Some truckers use navigational devices to get directions to different destinations. These devices are very useful but, unfortunately, sometimes take a driver's concentration away from the road. As a result, they fail to notice traffic signs instructing them on what to do on different roads. Furthermore, some truck drivers lose control of their vehicles, which causes them to drift to other lanes. Consequently, a big rig might collide with oncoming vehicles, causing devastating crashes. If a trucker injures you due to their distracted use of a navigational device, a legal advisor can help you to hold them accountable for your losses.

Contact an auto accident attorney to assist you in getting justice if any of these negligent behaviors contribute to a truck wreck. The legal practitioner will gather compelling evidence to prove the trucker's negligence. They also file a claim against the driver to enable you to get your rightful payment.

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