Were You Hit By A Trailer Being Pulled By A Truck? Hire An Accident Attorney Today

Posted on: 28 June 2023

As a driver, it can be very traumatic to watch a trailer coming at you because a truck took a turn too wide. If your car was totaled and you were badly injured in an accident similar to this situation, you want to call an attorney as soon as you are physically able.

The sooner a truck accident attorney is able to gather information and look over the evidence from your case, the easier it will be for them to put your case together. Here are some things to know when prepping to meet with an attorney for a consultation.

Don't Sign Anything

There could be many different people trying to get you to sign documents involving the accident. This could be anyone from your insurance company, a lawyer for the truck driver or the truck driver's employer, or the driver's insurance provider. You don't want to accidentally waive your legal right to get compensation or take this case to court or sign anything that says that the other driver wasn't at fault or that you were.

Keep Quiet

Don't talk with anyone about the accident until you have a lawyer present. You may not remember the accident entirely because of your injuries, or there could be discrepancies between your story and the other driver's story. You don't want to make any statement, not even to the police, without representation.

Document Everything

Make sure that you have documented everything from the accident that you can for your lawyer. This will mean things like:

  • Medical bills
  • Auto repair expenses
  • Days missed from work
  • Mental health concerns
  • Family inconveniences

Anything that has negatively impacted your life because of the accident and what happened has to be ready for the lawyer so they can look at all this information when considering if there is a strong case and if they have enough evidence.

The lawyer will have to make sure that the truck driver was at fault for the accident with the evidence that you have provided. This is a necessity for the case. There could be eyewitnesses to back this up, along with traffic cameras, building security cameras, other driver cams, and more.

The police report may have details that outline that the truck driver was at fault. If you have been in a terrible crash and you were hit by the trailer that was being hauled by a truck, call for legal representation today.

Reach out to a truck accident lawyer for more information.